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Help Send (or join) Caleb to the 2023 ICC

Updated: Apr 26

So, for anyone that would like to go to the 2023 International Conference on Creationism, I’m planning on driving up from El Paso starting on Friday, July 14th. It would take us at least two days to drive up to Cedarville Ohio, but it would still be half the cost driving up compared to flying up there.

The ICC event is only every 5 years and features papers from leading Creation scientists around the world. This would be an incredible opportunity for me to network, film videos, and grow in my understanding of various creation models.

The ICC days run from Sunday, July 16th through Wednesday, July 19th. I would need to start making the trek back home on either Wed, July 19th or Thursday the 20th. We wouldn’t get back home until at least Friday, July 21st and would need to stay in a hotel one or two nights on the way back.

Estimated cost breakdown for the trip:

ICC conference and lodging & food during the event: $221.75 (registration, housing and meal plan)

  • Total ICC costs: $221.75

  • Meals on the road: $50-70

  • Two stays in a hotel (one on the way up and back): $140 or more

  • Total: $431.75 (before gas)

Gas for trip: (roughly $435 round trip)

  • Divided by two people, it's $217 per person for gas.

  • Divided by three people, it's $145 per person for gas.

  • Divided by four people, it’s $108 per person for gas.

  • Divided by 5 people, it’s $87 per person for gas.

Total Estimated Cost:

  • Total estimate with two people driving up: $648.75

  • Total estimate with three people driving up: $576.75

  • Total estimate with four people: $539.75

  • Total estimate with five people: $518.75

If anyone wants to ride up with me from El Paso, let me know. Also, if you want to give to help me with the cost for the trip, please consider giving via this link here:

Thank you for any help that you guys are able to give! Even $5 helps!

In 2021 our ministry sponsors helped send me on my first Canyon Ministries River trip and that trip changed my life! As a result, we started the creation network, I grew up in my understanding of flood geology & love for the Lord and lead a trip of about 19 people to the Grand Canyon in 2022. I pray that the 2023 ICC will accomplish similar goals! Soli Deo Gloria!

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