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John 1:1 proves the eternal Deity of the Word

For more sources on problems with JW teaching check out the articles below:

  1. Click here to read my article on "the test for a Biblical prophet & how the Watchtower & Joseph Smith fail that test.

  2. Click here to read & examine the Watchtower and Mormon prophets in their own words.

  3. Click here for a short article on replies to the JW view of Jesus.

  4. Click here to see why ONLY Christianity is the best explanation of reality.

  5. Click here for a one page (front and back) handout on talking with JW's and Mormons about Jesus.

  6. Click here for quotes from early church Fathers to see evidence that Jesus' eternal deity was not only taught in the 1st century scriptures, but from the Ante-Nicene Church Fathers.

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