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Want to be a Biblical Creation Tour Guide in the Southwest?

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

The vision:

Similar to Canyon Ministries, we would like to develop a team that leads Biblical creation tours all around the Southwest (El Paso & Las Cruces area). We have an incredible opportunity in the Southwest to show people how all of creation "cries out" in testimony to His handiwork and how many areas echo His judgement in the global flood.


Do you want to be a part of our Southwest Creation Network Tour guide team with Engage Truth Ministries?


With us finalizing our status as a nonprofit, Engage Truth Ministries, we hope to train and send out guides to lead groups to go ENGAGE with God's world and His word outdoors. Every tour will highlight how various areas of science and anthropology can lead us to worship God and trust deeper in his word and gospel. Occasionally, we will bring in special guest tour guides as well, like we did with Dr. John Whitmore and Nate Loper last fall (see picture below.

Key highlights to this opportunity:

  • Grow in a specialized area of study in creation science, anthropology and theology.

  • Grow in public speaking skills.

  • Grow in hospitality and communication skills with various tour groups.

  • Opportunity to share the gospel with every group!

Expectations for Tour Guides:

  • Must be 15 years or older. (Student & Adult tour guides welcome)

  • Must be a Christian believer that affirms faith alone in Christ alone by grace is the gospel.

  • Must be able to communicate clearly with a group.

  • Must be willing to attend one monthly tour guide training before becoming a 'guide in training' (1-2 hrs. Length varies).

  • Must be willing to attend (or watch) one of our yearly Creation Network main sessions.

  • Must be willing to read a few scientific articles in preparation to understand various details related to your hike site.

  • Must be in agreement with the "Ambassador's creed"

  • Must...

    • Watch and be in agreement with the movie "Is Genesis History?"

    • Affirm a literal Adam and Eve.

    • Affirm that there was no death and suffering before the fall.

    • Affirm a global flood.

  • All tour guides will initially start out as "junior guides" or "guides in training" and will prepare a few talking points on a creation tour with Caleb ( each tour is about 2-4 tours). After these tours, we will evaluate if the guide is ready to lead a tour on their own. (*see a picture below of Jonas Cruz, one of our current Jr. guides)

  • Guides that are fully trained will have the opportunity to eventually lead tours on their own and get paid per tour as an independent contractor with Engage Truth Ministries.

Next Steps for those that are interested...

  • Mark your calendar for our first Tour guide training/info meeting:

    • March 10th, Friday, 10am meeting at the "Engage Headquarters."

      • *Address will be sent out to those that confirm they are coming to our first guide training meeting.

    • First on-site Guide training day: April 7th, 9:30am guide training at the zoo? (you will need to pay for your own zoo entrance fee and bring a lunch)

  • Sign up for our next meeting or on-site training day here.

  • Choose a topic in creation science that interests you and that you would like to talk about on on of our future tours for 5-10 minutes. Be prepared to briefly share about what you have learned during our first meeting on March 10th.

    • Ideas:

      • Animals: Choose an animal at our zoo, study everything you can about that animal and share some of their unique God's designs by our Creator. You can also choose to study the wildlife around our area and discuss them while on a local creation hike.

      • Plants: Study on the plants in the southwest and be prepared to share a point of interest about God's design with plants.

      • Dinosaurs: read articles about dinosaur soft tissue, their mass extinction during the flood, their anatomy and more from a Biblical Creationist perspective.

      • Flood Geology- read Dr. Snellings, Dr. Whitmore. Dr. Austin, Dr. Tim Clarey's work on this topic. Also, consider reading about the geology of the southwest.

      • Flood Legends- read Nick Liguori's work on this topic. Get really familiar with a few flood legends from tribes around our area and be prepared to share about them.

      • Astronomy- Check out Dr. Lisle or Dr. Faulkner's work on this topic.

What tours do we offer currently and more:

  • Current tours offered: The El Paso Zoo & local Dinosaur Tracks at Cristo Rey.

  • Our current topic focus in our offered tours

    • Flood Geology, Paleontology, Biology, God's design with animals and problems with human evolution.

    • Plans for more tour sites: We are planning to open up several more hike locations in the Southwest area (El Paso-Las Cruces) that feature points of interest related flood geology, post flood formations, fossils, native American history, flood legends, wildlife, plants (botany), great stargazing spots and more. If these topics are of interest to you, start studying on one of them now!

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