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Behavior Agreement Form

Don’t do these things:

  • NO Public Display of Affection (PDA)

  • NO hand holding

  • NO whining

  • NO bad attitudes

  • NO bad language

  • NO improper clothing

  • NO alcohol, drug, tobacco, etc. use


Reasons to be sent home at YOUR expense:

  • Making out with anyone (PDA)

  • Physically hurting someone else

  • Continued display of worldly behavior

  • Continued disrespect of adults

If the rules are continually broken and behavior has not changed after these steps:  (1) counselor intervention (2) meeting with one of our camp directors, then the Student will be sent home on nearest and soonest bus or airplane with the bill to be paid by the parents!

I have read and agree to follow these rules.
I’ve read and accept full responsibility for the transportation cost to send home my son/daughter who has broken the rules.
*parent / legal guardian (if under the age of 18)

Thanks for submitting!

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