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List of all Engage Resources

Updated: Apr 9

*The below resources will be regularly updated as new content comes out. This page will be the main hub to find everything listed by topic.*

Engage Truth YouTube & podcast show

Classical Conversations help for Caleb's students

All classes currently offered

*see our event schedule for the next upcoming class.

Click here for more details on all series offered.

  • Beginner Apologetics (6 wk course)

  • Foundational Apologetics

  • Defending Genesis (flood, dinosaurs, how to interpret Genesis, & more)

  • Engaging with the Cults (mormons, JWs, new agers & more)

  • The Formation & Reliability of the Bible

  • Defending the 5 Solas/Engaging with Catholics about the gospel (offered fall 2022)

  • Biblical justice vs. Social justice

  • Responding to progressive Christianity

  • The case for the abolition of Abortion

  • Responding to pro-gay theology and defending the historic Christian position on marriage & homosexuality

  • Tactics for engaging with others on their worldview

List of events:

  • click here to see a full list of our upcoming events and to sign up for them.

How to partner with Engage Apologetics

  • Click here for giving and practical support options for Engage Apologetics & the El Paso Creation Network.

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