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List of all Engage Resources

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*The below resources will be regularly updated as new content comes out. This page will be the main hub to find everything listed by topic.*

Engage Truth YouTube & podcast show

All classes currently offered

*see our event schedule for the next upcoming class.

Click here for more details on all series offered.

  • Engaging with others about the gospel Beginner evangelism course (coming in 2024 spring

  • Beginner Apologetics (6 wk course)

  • Biblical Clarity in a chaotic culture (2-4 week course)

  • Foundational Apologetics

  • Defending Genesis (flood, dinosaurs, how to interpret Genesis, & more)

  • Engaging with the Cults (mormons, JWs, new agers & more)

  • The Formation & Reliability of the Bible

  • Defending the 5 Solas/Engaging with Catholics about the gospel (offered fall 2022)

  • Biblical justice vs. Social justice

  • Responding to progressive Christianity

  • The case for the abolition of Abortion

  • Responding to pro-gay theology and defending the historic Christian position on marriage & homosexuality

  • Tactics for engaging with others on their worldview

List of events:

  • click here to see a full list of our upcoming events and to sign up for them.

How to partner with Engage Apologetics

  • Click here for giving and practical support options for Engage Apologetics & the El Paso Creation Network.

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2 comentários

Caleb is teaching a class at our church in Las Cruces on, you guessed it, apologetics. It has been enjoyable and needed. I appreciate his insight and use of practical steps. I listen to Wretched radio on Wednesday and it breaks my heart how little people know. It hurts my heart even more knowing I was not much better just a couple years ago. Calebs' class is an encouragement to have discussions. May the Holy Spirit work through each of us to reach hungry people.

Caleb Harrelson
Caleb Harrelson
30 de nov. de 2022
Respondendo a

Praise God! Thank you for your encouraging feedback. I pray you enjoy the rest of the apologetics series and find your trust in God's Word strengthen and that you are equipped to engage with others with love and truth about the hope found in God's Word. We also love Wretched Radio! They put out a lot of good content! Yes, you are right that there is a lack of biblical literacy and a Biblical Worldview in American Churches. In fact, in Natasha Crain's recent book, Faithfully Different (pg. 25), she says this:

"In 2017, the American Culture and Faith Institute (ACFI) conducted research to specifically quantify those who have a biblical worldview. Based on an analysis of people’s answers to…

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