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Creation Apologetics Resource List

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Recommended Creation Resources: Movies/videos: (most movies below can be found on amazon prime, YouTube, RightNow media, or


  • Acts & Facts by ICR. (free)

  • Creation magazine (

  • Answers magazine (


Online Courses:

Resources to help aid you in exploring creation science out in the field:

YouTube channels:


Books: (not an exhaustive list)



  • Genesis Impact, Dr. Biddle

  • Ten Reasons to believe the Bible, Charlie Wolcott

  • The Global Flood, Dr. John Morris

  • Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels, By CMI scientists

  • Earth’s Catastrophic past, Dr. Snelling

  • Carved in Stone, Dr. Tim Clarey

  • Refuting Evolution 1-2, Dr. Sarfati

  • The Greatest Hoax on Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution, Dr. Sarfati

  • Refuting Compromise, Dr. Sarfati

  • Contested Bones, Dr. Sanford & Chris Rupe

  • The New Creationism, Paul Garner

  • The Great Turning Point, Dr. Mortenson

  • Echoes of Ararat, Nick Liguori


  • Rethinking Radiometric Dating, Dr. Vernon Cupps

  • Grand Canyon, Monument to Catastrophe, Dr. Steve Austin

  • The Design and Complexity of the Cell, Dr. Tompkins

  • Ancient and Fossil Bone Collagen Remnants, Dr. Brian Thomas

  • The Ice Age and Climate Change, Dr. Jake Hebert

  • The Genesis Account, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

  • Starlight and Time, Dr. Humphreys

  • Physics of Einstein, Dr. Lisle

  • Genetic Entropy, Dr. Sanford

  • Replacing Darwin, Dr. Jeanson

  • Thousands Not Billions, Don D. Young. (on the RATE project).

  • Should Christians Embrace Evolution? by Norman Nevin

  • The Natural Sciences Know Nothing of Evolution, A.E. Wilder-Smith.

Discussion Groups (online)

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