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The El Paso Creation Network

Updated: Oct 29


We are so glad you are checking out the El Paso Creation Network! Below you will find links to various upcoming events & info about the network. This page will be regularly updated as needed.

Table of Contents:

1. Vision & Beliefs: Want to learn more about the vision of the Creation Network? watch our first Network promo video from 2021 here.

  • Our network holds to the "Five Solas" and is in agreement with the AiG statement of faith and Genesis Apologetics’ statement of faith.

  • We believe the foundation for the gospel and key Biblical doctrine depends on Genesis 1-11 being true history. One can reject Genesis as history, but not without serious detriment to their faith and lack of consistency in foundational Biblical doctrine, yet still affirm salvation by Christ alone and be saved. Nonetheless, it should be noted that denial of faith alone, by Christ alone and by grace alone is a rejection of the gospel and we will not allow the promotion of any other gospel except that which has “once for all been delivered to the saints” (Galatians 1; Jude 3) at any of our events.

  • Check out the movie "Is Genesis History?". This movie gives an excellent overview and defense of the Biblical Creation Worldview and will help you understand the perspective our Network holds.

2. Upcoming events

  • Creation guided tours: Creation Zoo tours. This is on-going & per request.

  • (Dino tracks tour coming soon too)

  • Future Grand Canyon trips: more info coming soon!

Fall a "Flood of Evidence" Conference

  • Conference registration: Register here for the 2-day conference and see below for more info. Click here to see the (rough) schedule for the Conference.

  • For more info on Dr. Whitmore, click here. For a teaching sample, click here.

  • For more info on Nate Loper, click here. For a teaching sample, click here or here.

  • Dino Tracks: Register here for the Dino Track hike with Dr. Whitmore & Nate Loper.

  • If you are attending the Dino track tour, fill out liability below form below:


  • If you want to teach a breakout sessions at one of our future conferences, please read this article here first.

3. Creation Apologetics Resources: click here

4. Past events:

  • Grand Canyon Trip (summer 2022): Click here to see our layout. Review video coming soon. We plan to do more Grand Canyon Rim and River trips in the future. Stay tuned!

  • Dinosaur Bone labs & conference with Dr. Mark Armitage with DSTRI (Dinosaur Soft Tissue Research Institute). Click here see Dr. Armitage's full El Paso tour and here for our past conference details. Conference videos to be uploaded in the future.

  • Inaugural Creation Network conference: "Defending Genesis" in 2021: click here to see what happened.

  • August 2021: Creation Network launch brunch at King's Kids.

Want to support the Creation Network?

You can give to our PayPal here or click on this link here to look at other ways to support our director, Caleb, or other upcoming event needs. (make sure whatever giving option you use that you list if your giving is for support for Caleb as a missionary or for Creation Network funds (trips, conference needs, etc).

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