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Dr. Mark Armitage 2022 El Paso Tour

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

We are gearing up for an amazing week with Dr. Mark Armitage this upcoming February, 2022.

Preview videos:

  • Click here to watch Caleb interview Dr. Mark Armitage about his research and upcoming El Paso Tour.

  • Click here for a shorter video just about the Dinosaur bone labs with Dr. Armitage (see below for more info about the labs as well).

  • Click here for a 46 second promo video for our Sat, Feb. 26th, Creation conference.

Color Code for quick topic reference:

  • Red- Labs or lab related

  • Blue- Conference

  • Green- Adult Training time

  • UTEP- orange

Full Schedule for Dr. Armitage's 2022 El Paso Tour with links for sign ups

  1. Sunday, Feb 20th

  • Short presentation during Sunday Worship (11am) at Chapel of the Hills Church (4501 Jon Cunningham Blvd, El Paso, TX 79934)

  • Dinosaur presentation & Lab Preview for all students and Adults at Chapel of the North Hills Church (open to the public). Time: 3-5pm in the Fellowship hall.

(This matinee presentation will be function like a pre-conference and pre-lab presentation.)

2. Monday, Feb 21st, 5-8pm

  • Adult Volunteer training for Dino bone labs: 5-8pm at Chapel of the North Hills Fellowship Hall. Please let us know on the registration form here if you will be attending the volunteer lab training. Adult volunteers need to be able to attend all 6 labs or at least 5 of them.

3. Tuesday, Feb 22nd

  • UTEP presentation:

    • 2:30-4pm at the Union Cinema, rm. 109 (first floor in the Student Union building, room )

      • Presentation topic: "Report of nerves, blood clots and other soft tissues in Cretaceous and Permian fossil remains."

      • Q & A to follow afterwards

4. Wednesday, Feb 23rd & Friday, Feb 25th

*Update: ages 7-18 and up for girls and 9-18 and up for boys*

  • Dinosaur Bone labs:

    • Lab times 9am-12pm ,12pm-3pm, 3:30-6:30pm at Chapel of the N. Hills Church.

    • ---->Sign up for labs here. Please select your top two preferred lab times.

Note: The first two labs times on Wed, Fe 23rd, are currently blocked off for El Paso Christian School (EPCS) students. EPCS students can sign up for Wed labs here. The 3:30pm lab time that Wednesday, however, is open to any student that signs up.

  • Scholarship (for those that need it): If your child will need a scholarship, please note that on the registration form here. You can also find the scholarship requirements here.

5. Thursday, Feb 24th- Day off for Dr. Armitage

6. Saturday, Feb 26th--> Creation Conference day!

  • Sign up in this link here.

  • More info below in the graphic and this video here.

  • Creation Conference: "Dinosaur Bones and the Flood with Dr. Armitage"

  • Time: 10am-2pm (mountain time).

  • Location: Coronado Baptist Church (CBC) at the 520 building (across the street from 501 Thunderbird Dr, El Paso, TX 79912)

  • Lunch: We plan to provide lunch with the Creation Network funds for everyone. To make sure there is enough food for everyone we need everyone to register by Feb. 21st or earlier. We will order the Chick Fil La catering boxes per person.

  • Will there be nursery and a Children's breakout again?

    • Unfortunately the CBC nursery staff isn't available to work that day, so we won't be able to offer nursery during the event. If you would like to attend and need childcare for your 0-5 year old, you can note that on the registration form and we will email you about free childcare that is available close to the church building with Kendra Harrelson and Tobie Johnson. If you plan to bring an infant that needs a nap, please bring a pack-n-play and needed personal supplies and diapers.

    • Elementary class: We plan to have a children's class with interactive lessons on creation science, games and lunch at the main children's building (1st-5th grade age). We plan for the Children will be able to go see the Dinosaur bones and look through microscope during the lunch hour when they go to the 520 building. Also, your elementary age kids are more than welcome to sit with you during Dr. Armitage's presentation at the Crossing at the 520 building at Coronado Baptist Church.

  • Registration: Please register yourself and your kids for the conference here. Registration deadline for food is Feb. 21st.

Want to support the Creation Network or sponsor a student for the Dinosaur bone labs?

  • Click here to see how you can donate to Engage Apologetics to help support the El Paso Creation Network (EPCN).

We can't wait to see you at one of the events during Dr. Mark Armitage's 2022 El Paso Tour!

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