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Various ways to partner with Engage

Updated: Jan 16

Below is a list of various ways your can partner with Engage Apologetics and the El Paso Creation Network

  1. Pray for us.

  2. Talk to a ministry leader about Caleb speaking at one of your events or hosting an El Paso Creation Network conference

  3. Give a one time or monthly donation to Support Caleb as a full-time missionary with Engage Apologetics.

  4. Help purchase items from my Amazon wish lists here (for engage) or here (for my seminary studies.

  5. Join us for one of our Apologetics courses or Creation tours.

  6. Give just to the El Paso Creation Network fund. Click here.

  7. Share our content online: share our blogs, Engage Truth podcast and Engage Truth YouTube episodes.

Various ways to financially support Engage Apologetics:

1. Give online via Coronado Baptist Church’s website:

  • Make sure you click "other" and the select "ministries" and then click or write in "Engage Apologetics."

2. Give via our paypal:

-Please make sure you select “to a friend”-otherwise it takes out extra fees from the donation. Also, take note that this giving option is not tax deductible. Giving to Engage via the church, obviously, is tax-deductible

3. Make a Check out to Coronado Baptist, write in the memo “Engage Apologetics” and mail it to our P.O. Box:

P.O. Box #12523, El Paso, Tx 79913

"If I am a CBC member, can I just give during Sunday worship?"

Technically yes, however, it makes it a lot easier on our treasurer if you give your Engage checks separately from the main church offering so that it’s easier to differentiate between main offerings and special offerings for our Engage mission work. Thus, I would recommend sending checks to our PO box so I can give it to our treasurer later or you can personally drop it off at the church office later. Some people have set it up with their bank so that it automatically sends a check to our P.O. Box every month.

4. Help support my seminary studies (MDiv in apologetics) with books that I need for my classes: Click here.

5. Help support my technology and research list on amazon: Click here.

I’m wanting to upgrade my camera for YouTube & street interviews and I have a list of various books that would help me prepare for my videos and presentation material. Higher priority materials are noted. Thank you in advance!

6. (Updated Category) Evangelism & El Paso Creation Network giveaways, Bone lab scholarships & Grand Canyon Trip: click here to give directly to Creation Network fund.

Creation & evangelism Resources:

Dino Bone Lab- Thank you for your support!

  • Thank you to everyone that helped sponsor students at Dr. Armitage's Bone labs. We had 97 students participate! Praise God

  • For more on Dr. Armitage's El Paso tour, click here.

Grand Canyon Trip (future TBA soon)

  • Thank you to everyone who helped sponsor an Adult or student to go on our recent Grand Canyon Trip. It was a huge success and we plan to do this again! Look out for our trip video soon!

Other notes on giving:

If you would like to give monthly but remain anonymous, please consider leaving a note with the church treasurer so they can tell us how much to expect monthly. This will help us with our monthly budgeting plans.

Between monthly support and various one-time donations (we spread it out over several months in the budget) we were able to stay full time in 2021 with a basic ministry budget. Lord willing we hope to do the same in 2022.

Also, thanks to our supporters, as of 2021 I was able start taking a few classes at SBTS for my MDiv in Apologetics. I received an A in all 4 classes I have taken so far. Thank you!

To meet our future ministry goals, we are increasing our fundraising goal for next year. See below for more.

*New* Fundraising Budget increase:

We are raising our fundraising Budget in 2022 for several reasons:

  • Our rent, health insurance and gas prices have increased

  • Seminary plans: To better serve the ministry and Church, I would like to continue this ministry and work on my MDiv in apologetics and finish in 5 years or less.

  • General operational needs for Engage: This is growing (networking, tech upgrades, website fees, livestreaming service, research books) and I need to be able to have these items covered.

  • Creation Network needs: As seen above, there is a growing demand for financial resources to meet our Creation Network goals.

Below is a highlight of what we have been able to accomplish because of your support:

Below are some of our goals for the next year:

With our updated fundraising budget for 2022, we are a little under half of our fundraising goal. We praise God because of your partnership with us in the defense of the gospel (Philippians 1:16)!

in Christ alone,

Caleb Harrelson

Truth, Training, Conversation

Engage Truth YouTube & Podcast host

Engage Apologetics & El Paso Creation Network Director

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