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Engage Worldview Academy

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Registration is NOT open yet, BUT if you are interested please fill out this interest form here and consider buying and reading the fall books during the summer.

Table of Contents:

Basic Overview of the Academy:

Academy Schedule & Reading List:

Academy Schedule:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Engage Worldview Academy?

The Engage Worldview Academy is an opportunity for students to grow in their understanding of a Biblical worldview, defend the faith in the public square, share the gospel and grow in relationships with the Lord and each other.

Who is the Academy for?

  • Middle School, High school and College Students.

  • Gap Year? Some students may decide to be a part of the Academy as a Gap Year before going to college.

What will the students do every week?

  • Classroom time and/or Engage Your World:

  • Classroom time: Students will read at home and come prepared for a discussion and/or teaching time on various topics in worldview, theology, philosophy, cultural issues, and learn how to respectful debate these ideas like Jesus and Paul. We will watch a short dvd series on some weeks (i.e. ICR videos or The Genesis Academy)

  • Engage your World: Every other week students will go Engage the world via field trips (or a lab) after morning class time. Some of these options may be...

  • Worldview Surveys around the city

  • Engaging with people from other religions (Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, new agers, etc.)

  • Creation guided hikes

  • Worldview analysis of natural history museum

  • Worldview Analysis of Art Museums

  • Star gazing

  • Dinosaur Bone labs

  • Attend or watch a Christian debate an unbeliever and analyze it

  • Speak at City Council against abortion

Are there big assignments and events every semester?

  • Semester assignments:

  • Weekly reading assignments (just a few selected chapters each week that will be listed in the Academy guide).

  • Monthly review quiz (optional but needed for those that want the certificate)

  • Two debates a semester on worldview issues

  • 2 Apologetics presentations (one assigned topic and one chosen)

  • 1 personal research paper interacting with the claim of an unbeliever (students choice)

  • Semester Events:

  • It's Your World (Sept. 22-23)

  • Engage Your City- Evangelism training day (TBD)

  • Preview day for public school students (TBD- evening or Sat)

  • Creation conference (Nov 11th with Dr. Lisle)

  • Grand Canyon Trip (Rim trip Spring Break, 2024)

What are some of the skills that a student in the Academy will develop?

  • Worldview analysis & Socratic Dialogue

  • Learn how to test ideas against scripture.

  • Growth in the ability to discuss popular objections to Christianity with unbelievers without compromising Biblical convictions yet engaging with gentleness and respect

  • Growth in evangelism opportunities

  • Growth in public speaking, writing, logic and presentation skills.

  • Growth in self-discipline for the sake of growth in personal holiness and using your time wisely to the Glory of God.

  • Clarifying future career path and how to confidently engage with others in any topic in whatever career path your choose.

  • Development of future leaders, field guides and teachers in the Academy (college students or adults)

Can students receive a Certificate at the end of the year?

  • Yes, if students choose to do the semester assignments, they can receive a "Year 1 Engage your World" certificate.

  • Students that receive a certificate are eligible to become a future leader in the Academy (field guide, help teach a class, or discussion leader). A field guide helps lead groups to do worldview discussions and is a college student or older or assists the lead guide.

  • Those who receive an Engage Certificate for year 1 will be up for consideration for teaching a class at our Engage Truth Summer camp in the future and becoming a creation tour guide or worldview field guide.

  • Homeschool students may also consider counting our logic and philosophy classes as a school credit in logic. This is not an official accredited school, but merely a ministry focused on training students in a robust Biblical Worldview that leads to students being bold defenders of the truth.

What do your teachers believe and what if the student disagrees with the teacher?

Currently Caleb Harrelson is our only Academy teacher. Our future Academy teachers will all need to be in agreement with the Engage Statement of faith. Students are welcome to attend the Academy that do not agree with our teachers to learn from them; however, all teachers will be teaching from a protestant position as if we really believe that it is the correct and Biblical position. Please read our statement of faith before signing up. Diversity of viewpoints among the students, as expressed in discussion, is allowed, but respect (even when there is sharp disagreement) is expected.

What other topics will be covered in the Academy in the future?

  • After we finish the first year of the Academy, we will first prayerfully evaluate everything. Lord willing, we would like to add more teachers and special topics tracks in the academy. For example, we plan to add a special track for muslim evangelism, abolishing abortion track, cult evangelism, creation science research track and much more. Stay tuned! Year 1 will lay the foundation for the rest of the years in the Academy!

Fall full reading List (Year 1, semester 1, 2023)

  1. Apologetics Study Bible (Theology & Church History)

  2. Everyone’s a theologian (theology & Church history class)

  3. 40 questions on interpreting the Bible (theology & Church history class)

  4. The Story of Reality (Basic Apologetics/ Reliability of scripture)

  5. Testimonies to the Truth (Basic Apologetics/ Reliability of scripture)

  6. Creation Basics and Beyond (Creation/Genesis Defense)

  7. Finding Truth (Worldview Apologetics)

  8. The Popular Handbook on World Religions (Worldview Apologetics)

  9. Saving Leonardo (Worldview Apologetics)

  10. Unraveling Philosophy (Philosophy)

  11. Tour Guide to Debate (Debate/Logic)

  12. How to think (Dr. Juan Valdes) (Debate/Logic)

  13. Tactics (Debate/Logic)

Spring Semester Full reading List (Year 1, semester 2, 2024)

  1. Apologetics Study Bible (Theology & Church History)

  2. Letter to Diognetus (theology & Church history class)

  3. Confessions by Augustine (theology & Church history class)

  4. Church History by Simonetta Carr (theology & Church history class)

  5. Scribes and Scriptures (Basic Apologetics/ Reliability of scripture)

  6. Mere Christianity (Basic Apologetics/ Reliability of scripture)

  7. The Book that made your World (Basic Apologetics/ Reliability of scripture)

  8. Coming to Grip with Genesis (Creation/Genesis Defense)

  9. A practical guide to Culture (Worldview Apologetics)

  10. Love thy Body (Worldview Apologetics)

  11. The consequences of Ideas (Philosophy)

  12. How do we know? (Philosophy)

  13. Tour Guide to Debate (Debate/Logic)

  14. How do we reason? (Debate/Logic)

Basic Academy Schedule (Most likely on Thursdays. Location TBA soon)

  1. 8am- Worship time, then Theology & Church history class

  2. 9am- Basic Apologetics/ Reliability of scripture

  3. 10am- Creation

  4. 11- Worldview Apologetics

  5. 12- Lunch

  6. 1- Philosophy

  7. 2- Debate

  8. 3:30- Day ends. Clean up

Fall Academy Schedule


  • August 10- Week 1- Introduction to various topics & discussion on week 1 assigned reading. (to be announced in forthcoming guide)

  • Aug 17th- Week 2- "Engage Week"- class time in the morning & Cultural engagement week in the afternoon.

  • Aug 24th- Break

  • Aug 31st- week 3


  • Sept 7th- week 4- "Engage Week"

  • Sept 14th- Break

  • Sept 21- week 5

  • Sept 28th- week 6- "Engage Week" (first debate)


  • Oct 5th- Break

  • Oct 12- week 7

  • Oct 19- week 8- "Engage Week"

  • Oct 26- Break


  • Nov 2nd- week 9

  • Nov 9th- week 10- "Engage Week"

  • Nov 16th- Break

  • Nov 23rd- Break

  • Nov 30th- week 11


  • Dec 7th- week 12 "Engage Week" & final fall week (second debate)

Spring 2024 Schedule


  • Jan 4th- week 1

  • Jan 11th-week 2 "Engage Week"

  • Jan 18th- Break

  • Jan 25th- week 3


  • Feb 1st- week 4 "Engage Week"

  • Feb 8th- Break

  • Feb 15th- week 5

  • Feb 22nd- Week 6- "Engage Week" (first debate)

  • Feb 29th- Week 7


  • March 7th- Week 8

  • March 14th- Break (spring break) - Grand Canyon trip with Canyon Ministries

  • March 21st- Week 9

  • March 28th- week 10- "Engage Week"


  • April 4th- Break

  • April 11- week 11

  • April 18th- week 12- "Engage Week" (final week, debate & presentations)

Frequently Asked Questions:

"When will I receive my weekly guide that tells me what to read before each week and other assignments?"

We hope to have that ready by the middle of June.

"What if my student can't keep up with the weekly reading?"

The student can consider being a "Jr. Academy" student and just attend the 10-12pm classes and Engage day activities. See "junior Academy" rates below.

What is the Cost for the Academy?

  • Full Academy student: $275 a semester + cost of books

  • Jr Academy: $150 6-8th grader- 10am-12pm classes and Engage Day events.

Are there scholarships available?

  • We will try to help find sponsorships to help each student attend. We also encourage students to work to earn their money for the Academy or raise funds like a local missionary would. We are training the next generation to reach our lost country and you should consider fundraising like a missionary for this training.

When will registration be open?

  • Lord willing, we hope to have registration open by mid July.


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