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Evangelism ideas

Below is a bullet point list of various ways to Engage with others about the gospel/plants seeds. If possible, I encourage believers to always have an extra copy of a Bible on them. Your local church or The Gideon's International ministry will be glad to assist you in receiving extra copies to give away. This makes it easy for you to have an immediate Bible study with someone and/or get God's Word in their hands so they can read it later.


If you have any ideas that should be added to the list, feel free to comment below or on our social media post.

  1. Open Air preaching 

  2. Intentional questions  

  3. Worldview surveys at these locations

    1. On college campus 

    2. Downtown 

    3. Malls- Gospel survey questions 

    4. Coffee shops or stores- Ask your barista or cashier one or two questions about the gospel

  4. Workplace conversations 

    1. Also lunch discussions group 

    2. Study the Bible together 

    3. Read and discuss a Christian apologetics book  

  5. School Christian clubs 

    1. FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) 

    2. Good news clubs 

    3. Youth for Christ 

  6. Give your kids a Christian education

    1. Every subject point to and honor Christ. Teach your kids a Biblical worldview in all subjects (2 Cor. 10:3-5) and continually remind them of their need for Christ

  7. Catechize your kids- use various tools like the London Baptist Catechism or New City Catechism to teach your kids and/or new believers foundational Christian truths and continually remind them of the gospel.

  8. Door knocking- Ask Worldview Survey questions to challenge others to trust in Christ and plant seeds. Try to get a follow up conversation if possible.

  9. Evangelism training and mass churchwide evangelism days: This can equip, model and encourage a lot of believers to evangelize in a church at once. However, I would encourage church leaders to let events like this fuel regular week to week evangelism instead of these large events REPLACING regular evangelism.

  10. Interfaith dialogue (not a postmodern one- Christians involved in this should have firm convictions that Jesus is the only way and be intentional about listening and asking other religious leaders about who Jesus is)

  11. Weddings or Funerals- Be present at a gospel centered wedding and invite others to join you. If attending a funeral, be intentional on sowing gospel threads of hope beyond this life.

  12. Block parties or game nights- Invite your neighbors over, build relationships, ask them conversations about what they believe

  13. Concerts- Engaging with people in line before the concert 

  14. Team sports- Build relationships and share the gospel with people.

  15. Table with a whiteboard question on it at a public setting and engaging with people (i.e. “What happens to you after you die?” “Who is Jesus?” “Are people basically good?”) 

  16. Creation guided hikes- highlight some creation evidence (Zoo, Musuem, Dino Tracks, etc.) and focus on the gospel all throughout  

  17. Service projects that intentionally share the gospel with the one(s) being served 

  18. Relevant cultural issues conferences- Discuss Gender confusion or Defending Genesis and regularly share the gospel throughout the seminar.

  19. Preach at the prisons and/or lead a Bible Study

  20. Bible studies  

    1. Invite your neighbors over  

  21. Taco stands- Sale food and have people engage with others about the gospel or fill out a quick worldview survey 

  22. Uber driving- This can be a simple way to make money and intentionally share the gospel with a lot of people. 

  23. Prayer walking- get more familiar with your neighborhood, intentionally pray for others to know Christ and watch doors open  

  24. Be present at parks- pray, visit with people, ask them questions and give them a free Bible and follow up with them.  

  25. Connect with people in your neighborhood 

    1. Invite them to your Bible study at your house 

Have more ideas? Let us know and we will consider adding it. Any opportunity should focus on sharing one or more (or all) of the gospel threads verbally at some point.

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