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Sign up Forms for Various Engage & Creation Network events

Updated: 6 days ago

Below are links for various sign up forms for our ministry:

1. 4 week Class on engaging with Mormons and JW's about the gospel. Click here or on the picture for more info.

2. Ladies Class on Genesis Apologetics at Coronado Baptist

  • 6 week FREE class in the Osborn room from 9:30-11:30am at Coronado Baptist Church in El Paso.

  • Call the church office to register (915-584-3912)

  • Nursery up to 5 years old is available. Must RSVP at least a week in advance.

3. "Engage Truth" Student Summer Camp: Last week of June, 2023 @ Aspendale Summer Camp outside of Cloudcroft, NM. Click here for more info.

4.. Creation Guided hikes: Click here or on the link below for updates on our next creation perspective tour. Also, if you are interested in becoming one of our creation guides, read this link here.

5. Space & the Bible conference with Dr. Jason Lisle. Click here or below for more info.

More Creation Network Events

  1. Creation Perspective Zoo tours: Read this first and register here.

  2. Dino Tracks hike: Times will be posted on this link soon.

  3. Grand Canyon Trip: 2024. Registration link & More info coming soon.

  4. Spring Creation Conference: Dr. Jason Lisle. Nov 10th weekend. More info coming soon!

Note: I am available for special requests to speak at your church, homeschool group, or ministry one-time, a weekend seminar or multi-week in-depth class. See this link for list of topics I can cover.


Support Engage: We can't do this ministry without our ministry partners. If the Lord leads you to support us, click here for more info.


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