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Sign up Forms for Various Engage & Creation Network events

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Below are links for various sign up forms for our ministry:

1. Upcoming Fall (2022) Creation Conference: "A Flood of Evidence."

To register, click here. For more on the El Paso Creation Network, click here.

Fall Flood Conference (see below)

  • Register here for the 2-day conference and see below for more info.

  • Click here for the full conference schedule.

  • Register here for the Dino Track hike with Dr. Whitmore & Nate Loper.

  • If attending the Dino track tour, fill out liability below and email it to "Insights" at

Current Liability_Media Waivers (1)
Download PDF • 73KB

  • If you want to teach a breakout sessions at one of our fall conferences, please read this article here first.

2. Fall Engage Class: A Defense of the 5 Solas of the Reformation. To register, click here.

3. "Why Conference"- First Baptist, El Paso, Sept 23-24th. (Caleb teaching a breakout on the reliability of the Bible for teens and a parent breakout on next generation discipleship.

4. Collide Student Conference, Mena First Baptist (Mena, AK)- Oct 1st- Caleb speaking on the reliability of the NT.

5. Spring Engage Class (2023): Engaging with cults about the gospel.

6. "Engage Truth" Student Summer Camp: Last week of June, 2023 @ Aspendale Summer Camp outside of Cloudcroft, NM. More info coming soon!

More Creation Network Events

  1. Creation Perspective Zoo tours: Read this first and register here. Note: 2022 tour times TBA soon.

  2. Dino Tracks hike: Time TBA.

  3. Grand Canyon Trip: 2023. Registration link & More info coming soon.

  4. Spring Creation Conference: Dr. Jason Lisle. First weekend of April. More info coming soon!

Note: I am available for special requests to speak at your church, homeschool group, or ministry one-time, a weekend seminar or multi-week in-depth class. See this link for list of topics I can cover.

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