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Creation Perspective Tours

Updated: Jan 28

We are giving "Creation Perspective Tours" at the El Paso Zoo & Dinosaur Tracks (Cristo Rey) and are working on developing our Creation Tour guide team and opening up new locations soon!

Table of Contents:

What is a creation perspective tour? This is a tour from a biblical creationist perspective where we will discuss what both scripture and science say about animals, creation, evolution, the flood, dinosaurs and more. We encourage critical thinking and believe good science supports what God's Word addresses!

When are the tours?

The next scheduled tours are open to families of any age and will be on these days:

  1. Dino Tracks Tour at Cristo Rey! TBD

***Everyone is encouraged to bring a lot of water and their own sack lunch and eat together at the end of the tour.***

We won't turn anyone away if they can't afford the Engage tour fee. This helps support the ministry, but we want you to come and learn either way!

  • More dates coming soon...

*If any of the scheduled and reserved times need to change, due to an emergency or weather, we will notify you and update the website asap and will work with you to reschedule a new tour soon.*

Please meet in the front of the zoo (or trailhead for the Dino tracks) at 9:15am, bring a lunch and be prepared to be done by 12:30pm. Each attendee will receive a whisper set earpiece so that I don't need to talk very loud to the entire group.

Most of the tours will be on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning or Sunday evening at either the El Paso Zoo or the Mt. Cristo Rey Dino tracks site. Also, we are willing to schedule a tour on any of those days for a church, homeschool or youth group, but most of the times will be posted on this page.

What will each tour focus on?

  • The Zoo tour will discuss a lot of God's design & engineering with animals, problems with human evolution and a little bit about the flood and other Creation related topics.

  • The Dino Track tour will involve a thorough discussion on dinosaurs and the flood and a lot of hiking. Bring lots of water and sunscreen!

If you enjoy your first tour, you are welcome to come again and bring a friend! Since we try to stay current on research and improve our presentations, we will regularly update our talking points and may share slightly different information during various tours.

Also, we love to have parents join us for the whole tour so they can engage with the truth of biblical creation and be encouraged to discuss these topics more with their kids at home!

Register & pay for a Tour:

  • To Register:

    • For the Zoo Tour ( Feb 8th): Fill out this form here

    • For the Dino Tracks Tour (TBD)

We won't turn anyone away if they can't afford the Engage donation fee. This helps support the ministry, but we want you to come and learn either way!

Are we allowed to give independent tours at a local natural history museum or zoo?

Yes, the first amendment protects free speech and under Title II of the Civil Rights Acts of 1963, it defines public accommodations to include places of exhibition, such a zoological parks and natural history museums. As such, zoological parks may not discriminate on the ground of religion. Our small group will abide by and respect any specific rules required by the zoo or Dino Tracks.

What type of training has our lead tour guide received?

Caleb's undergrad degree is in Youth & Family Ministry, he is working on his M.Div. in Apologetics & Philosophy, received apologetics training with the Cross Examined Instructor Academy, completed the online Stealing from God (Why atheist need God to make their case) series with Dr. Turek, completed online winter training with The Institute for Creation Research (2021) and completed the Creation guide training with the International Association for Creationists (see below).

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