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Overview of all Engage Teaching Topics

Updated: May 5, 2022

For those that would like to invite Caleb to give a one-time talk, weekend seminar, or multi-week apologetic series, here is the full list of topics below that he can cover.

The list describes four of our in-depth apologetics courses that are currently offered online or in person with Engage Apologetics. I offer multi-week apologetics courses to help thoroughly equip believers to develop a Biblical Worldview and be ready to respond to objections. in-person

I know that your church or ministry may not be ready for a multi-week commitment, so I also offer to teach a one-time or weekend series that has abridged material from some of the topics below.

Current multi-week Apologetics Series that we offer:

Beginner Apologetics

  1. Defining Faith, apologetics & its role

  2. Overview of worldviews & how to do a worldview survey.

  3. The case for the existence of God.

  4. The problem of evil and the moral argument.

  5. The reliability of the Old and New Testaments & The Case for the Resurrection

  6. Tactics for sharing your faith.

Weekend Apologetic seminar suggestion (teens and/or adults):

  • Friday Night:

    • Session #1: Overview of worldviews

  • Saturday:

    • Session #2: Tactics in evangelism

    • Session #3: The case for the resurrection

    • Go do worldview surveys

    • Session #4: Debrief & then the case for the flood

*Note: Any one of the above topics can be substituted for another topic listed in here as well.

Creation Apologetics (full series is 8-10 weeks)

  1. Why Genesis

  2. How to interpret Genesis & different views

  3. Evidence for design

  4. The case for the Flood

  5. Dinosaurs & the Bible

  6. Space & the Bible

  7. Answering arguments for human evolution

  8. Answering general arguments about the grand theory of evolution

  9. Radiometric Dating methods

  10. Tactics for engaging with an evolutionists

How we got the Bible: (full course is 8 weeks)

  1. The nature of scripture, inspiration and inerrancy

  2. How we got the OT books

  3. The case for Moses' authorship and the Exodus

  4. Key OT archaeological discoveries

  5. How we got the NT books

  6. The case for the early writings of the gospels

  7. How we know scripture wasn't corrupted.

  8. The History of the English Bible & the KJV only controversy

Cult Evangelism (full course is 6-8 week course)

  1. Reaching Mormons, JW's, and new agers.

  2. Explaining and defending the Trinity & the gospel to cults.

Biblical Justice & Progressive Christianity

  1. Defining Progressive Christianity and understanding why people "deconstruct"

  2. Biblical justice vs. Secular Justice

  3. Defining and Defending the Biblical view of abortion, marriage and sexuality.

  4. Answering pro gay theology

    1. Note: This full series is the longest (15 weeks because of time needed to unpack topics on justice, racism, sexuality & more. I can do a 2-3 week segment on these if it works better for your group.

Again, any of the above topics can be used for a one-time talk or weekend seminar. For a one-time talk or a weekend seminar, I really like to include time for role-playing, Q & A, and (if possible) time for the group to go engage with unbelievers around the city and debrief afterward. However, if time does not allow for the post-presentation discussions/evangelism, we can still work something out.

For the Full Series: If you would like for me to teach one of the full series (above) at your church or ministry, let me know.

For an abridged series: If you would like a shorter version of one of the above series, (4-6 weeks) I can also adjust things to do that for your group.

Beginner Apologetics Series: My basic 6-week apologetics series has a lot of role-playing and evangelism included in the schedule and might be the best fit for a starter apologetics and/or evangelism series.

Page update: This page was updated on 5/5/22 with new teaching material listed. I plan to update more of this list soon with the full lesson topics in each series above.

Future Series to be offered in fall of 2022 and beyond:

  1. Engaging with Catholics about the gospel (fall 2022)

  2. Engaging with Muslims about the Gospel (2023 or later)

  3. Flood Geology Series (2023 or later)


Please send me an email or leave a message on our website contact box for more info on scheduling and speaking costs. Please include what topic(s) you would like for me to cover, how many times, and how much time I would have to speak to your group. If you would like to look at the entire outline for one of the above series, let me know and I will send it to you.

I’m willing to work with any church, but an honorarium is appreciated as I do this ministry as a full-time missionary.

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