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A Flood of Evidence Conference

Updated: Sep 9

Table of Contents:

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  • Registration for Dino Track Hike: Click here or on the Dino Track pic below to read the Dino hike instructions and here to find the required form.

***Recommended: Hike AND Conference Bundle. MUST register together at one time for these deals. See below.*****

  • Schedule of weekend events: click here to see the full weekend schedule.

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Dino Track Hike at Mt. Cristo Rey Registration:

  • Click here to register for the hike.

  • Hike price per person: $15 (without the weekend bundle)

Bundle deal for Hike and Conference:

  • Hike AND Creation Conference: $35 per person (sat lunch included)

  • Full weekend Bundle group plan: For the first four in your group doing the bundle, it's $35 per person, after that it's $10 per person.

  • MUST register together at the same time for this deal.

Pay for registration:

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Conference registration:

Register here for the 2-day conference and see below for more info on the schedule.

****Creation Conference weekend bundle Deal**** (GREAT DEAL!)

  • Hike AND Creation Conference: $35 per person (sat lunch included)

  • Bundle group plan: The first four in your group doing the bundle, it's $35 per person, after that it's $10 per person.

  • Must register together at one time for this group rate.

Only Conference prices:

  • Full price: $25 per person (includes Chick Fil la lunch on Sat).

  • Group rate for those only attending the Conference together: First four in your group are full price. After that it's $10 per person.

  • Nursery age (0-5 years old)- 0-5 year olds are $5 for nursery care.

More info on our speakers:

  • For more info on Dr. Whitmore, click here. For a teaching sample, click here.

  • For more info on Nate Loper, click here. For a teaching sample, click here or here.


  • Ministry Table (Bronze sponsor): If you have a ministry or business that would like to have a booth, we request a $100 donation to help out the network (give here). Also, your organization must not be in opposition to our statement of faith (see here). Please list your booth request in the registration form here.

  • Silver Sponsor: 1 min video ad played once at the conference and logo listed in conference brochure (Silver sponsor): $300 donation to Network

  • Gold Sponsor: Video (1-2 min max) played 3 times at the conference, logo in conference brochure (gold sponsor): $500 donation Network

  • Click here to pay for your ministry sponsorship.

Fall Creation Conference Schedule, Nov. 4-5th, 2022


Green- hike

Blue- fellowship breaks

Red- Conference main sessions

Orange- Breakout sessions

Friday, Nov 4th

  • 9am-11:30am- Dino Track guided hike with Dr. Whitmore & Nate Loper ($15 suggested donation per person).

Conference kick off: 6-8:15pm

  • 6-6:30- Conference kick off, booths and worship (Church Location TBA soon!)

  • 6:30pm- First session- Nate Loper, "The Grand Canyon, the flood & breached dam"

  • 7pm- break

  • 7:15pm Dr. Whitmore: The Coconino Sandstone, the flood & folded layers

  • 8:15pm- Dismissed

Saturday, Nov 5th (location TBA soon)

  • 8am- doors open, registration, booths & drop kids off at nursery (8:30am)

  • 9am- Opening Main Session- Dr. Whitmore: The Mechanisms of the flood

  • 10:30am- break & booths

  • 11am- breakout # 1

  • Children breakout: Topic and Teacher TBA soon

  • Beginner: "Creation evangelism & the next generation," Caleb Harrelson, (Engage Apologetics)

  • Intermediate: "Feasibility of the Ark," Charlie Wolcott (Worldview Warriors)

  • 12-1pm- Lunch, booths and fellowship (Chick Fil la boxes)

  • 1- breakout # 2

  • Children: Topic and Teacher TBA soon

  • Beginner: Biblical Genealogies & the Biblical Timeline, Caleb

  • Intermediate: The Theology of the Flood, Charlie Wolcott

  • Intermediate: Nate Loper- Archaeological evidence for the Exodus

  • 2- Break & booths

  • 2:30pm- final main session with Dr. Whitmore & Nate Loper: “answering the critics of the flood” (response to" 21 reasons flood never happened" article

4pm- end of event

Additional info:

  • If you want to teach a breakout sessions at one of our fall conferences, please read this article here first.

  • For more on the El Paso Creation Network (EPCN), click here.

To download the liability form for the dino track hike, click below:

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