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Grand Canyon Trip 2022

Updated: May 10, 2022

Overview of Grand Canyon Trip:

  • Click here to see the trip schedule

  • Click here to see the 2 min promo video.

  • Click here to scroll down to the full trip cost.

  • Registration: Click here.

    • If you would like to pay for your trip or donate to help sponsor someone else to go, please check out the giving options listed here.

  • Required pre-trip meeting: Tuesday, May 10th, at 7pm (location TBA in email to those registered for the trip).

Notes about registration:

Parents and families are encouraged to come on this adventure! Students under 13 need to come with their parent, but 13+ can attend without their parent with a parent permission form filled out (link coming soon). Please know that there will be a lot of hiking in the morning and during the afternoon evangelism on Wed & Thursday (see schedule below), so this trip is probably not ideal for those under 8. However, parents that want to come and think their little ones can handle it, that's their call. We plan to limit the trip between 30-40 people max. If you plan to bring/send a student 17 and younger, please list their name(s) and ages. If you bring a 2 year old or younger, they are free.

  • Trip cost per person: $253 + three meals on the road on your own.

    • *Ask me about family rates for families of 3 or more.

    • Click here to see a breakdown of trip cost.

Trip schedule:

Tuesday, May 17th

  • Morning: Departure: circa 7am

    • Meet at Coronado Baptist church parking lot by the gym.

    • leave El Paso for El Nathan Camp

    • Address: 3910 E El Paso Dr, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

    • breakfast and lunch- use your own money while on the road.

  • Evening:

    • Set up at El Nathan (men in one cabin and girls on another), shopping for food, volleyball, basketball and outdoor free time.

    • Dinner at El Nathan Camp, group activity and evening worship

Wednesday, May 18th

  • Morning: Breakfast at El Nathan Camp, morning devo, prepare lunch and then head out!

  • Adventure time:

    • 4- Hour Rim Tour with Canyon Ministries

      • *Meet the guide at the Grand Canyon Visitor Center flag pole at the start of the tour.

    • Rim tour will include locations and teaching from Mather Point and locations along the east side of the park’s Desert View Drive. Great views of geology, Colorado River, and the Great Unconformity.

    • Teaching will include highlights from creation, the Flood, and the carving of the Grand Canyon. Views of the distant Painted Desert and Vermillion Cliffs of the Grand Staircase.

  • Lunch at the Rim and afternoon evangelism on the Rim (via worldview surveys)

  • Evening- relax back at El Nathan Camp, dinner and evening worship & reflection time.

Thursday, May 19th

  • Morning: Breakfast at El Nathan Camp, morning devo, prepare lunch and then head out!

  • Adventure Time:

    • 4- Hour Rim Walking Tour with Canyon Ministries

      • Meet the guide at the Yavapai Geology Museum parking lot for the start of the tour.

      • 4-hour walking tour along the Trail of Time, featuring hands-on geology of every layer of the Grand Canyon, with in-depth highlights of the events of the Flood. See and touch marine fossils, reptile trackways, the first layers of the Flood, and the very rocks formed on Day 3 of creation. 3-mile round-trip walk along a paved path, with views out to the west side of the park different than the day before.

  • Lunch at the Rim and afternoon evangelism on the Rim (worldview surveys)

  • Evening- relax back at El Nathan Camp, dinner, team building, and evening worship & reflection time.

Friday, May 20th

  • Morning: Breakfast at El Nathan Camp, morning devo, prepare lunch and then head out!

  • Adventure Day:

5 to 6-hour Tour to Sunset Crater Volcano and Wupatki National Monuments

  • Continue with the “rest of the story” after the Flood with these two great national monuments. Featuring volcanos and a short hike through a lava field of stunning formations, learn about the post-Flood eruptions and mountain-building events which helped shape our planet. After that, we enter into Wupatki to vising ancient Native American Indian ruins nearly a thousand years old as we talk about the events of Genesis 11, including the Tower of Babel, migration of people groups around the world, and the post-Flood Ice Age. Tour from Flagstaff to Flagstaff (round trip). Pack a lunch for the group during the tour.

  • Evening- relax back at El Nathan Camp, team building, dinner and evening worship & reflection time.

Saturday, May 21st

  • Morning- breakfast and then head back to El Paso.

  • Lunch on the road (use your own money).

  • Back in El Paso by the late afternoon.

What to bring:

  • Bible

  • Sunscreen

  • Water bottle and/or Camelback

  • Good hiking shoes

  • Sunshades and a hat

  • Pillow, sleeping bag and/or sheets for a twin bed at El Nathan Camp

  • money for at least 3 meals on the road

  • Notebook- for asking worldview questions, journaling and/or taking notes during the walking tours.

  • Consider checking out these two books here and here to read before and/or during the trip.

  • More detailed list coming soon.

Medical Release form

  • For 17 and under students that are coming without their parents

  • I will email you medical release form after you register.

Breakdown of trip cost per person:

  • Canyon Ministries tours for the week: $40 per person (if we have at least 30 people)

  • El Nathan Camp lodging free: $100 per person (if around 20-30 people)

  • Vehicle entrance fee: $3 per person for vehicle entrance fees to Grand Canyon & Sunset Crater

  • Gas: $30 per person

  • Food while at El Nathan: $50

  • Creation Network/Missionary support (for Creation Network Director): $30

    • Total: $253

      • Click here to for the giving options to pay for the trip.

        • Note: Outside of the $253 cost, you are responsible for 2 meals on the road Tuesday, May 17th, and lunch on the road Sat, May 21st.

Note on Creation Network Account:

All of the expenses for the Creation account will be in a GECU account. Also, all transactions will be reviewed by our Creation Network leaders. We aren't currently a non-profit, so we don't have an account set up that way. However, the director of the Creation Network, Caleb, is a missionary underneath the support of his sending church, Coronado Baptist. You can give for the trip via cash, check, PayPal or to Coronado Baptist (again see here for these options). If you give for the trip via Coronado Baptist, PLEASE make sure you let us know on the registration form so that we know that money is for this trip and not our missionary support donations. Thank you!

***We are excited to go on this adventure with you!***

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