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Defending the 5 Solas of the Reformation

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

To register, click here or on the picture below. Read below for more info.

Overview of Class Topics for the "A Defense of the 5 Solas: Engaging with Catholics)

  1. Scripture Alone, part 1 ( Sep 5th) 6-8pm MST every week.***

  2. Scripture Alone, part 2 (Sept 12th)

  3. Christ Alone, part 1 (Sept 19th)

  4. Christ Alone, part 2 (Sept 26th)

  5. Grace Alone, part 1 (Oct 3rd)

  6. Grace Alone, part 2 (Oct 10th)

  7. Faith Alone, part 1 (Oct 17th)

  8. Faith Alone, part 2 (Oct 24th)

****Reformation Day- Oct. 31st- no evening class- come join us in the afternoon in El Paso to watch Luther and the Reformation

9. Glory to God Alone, part 1 (Nov 7th)

10. Glory to God Alone, part 2 (Nov. 14th)

Basic notes about the class:

  • Class will be in portable 2 at Coronado Baptist Church in El Paso, Tx or on zoom.

  • Class is 6-8pm mst every week.

  • Class recordings and notes will also be sent out later in the week to all that are registered.

  • Agan, you can find the registration form here. First 30 El Paso residents get $25 off.

  • If you need a scholarship, please let me know.

Please read this link before class starts:

I frequently give shorter presentations and classes, but my monday night "Engage Intensives" are my most "intense" classes. I believe everyone 12 and older can do well in this class; however, thinking through some tips in this link before class have proven successful to participants. For best results, retention and engagement with class, I recommend attending in person. I know that this is not possible for everyone, but this is ideal as we have discussion groups and Q & A afterwards. Again, please read this link here.

More on Content:

  • I will try to faithfully represent the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox official positions by quoting from their sources and also testing them against Scripture.

  • We will examine teachings such as the history of the reformation, transubstantiation, icons, Mariology, Sacraments, justification, praying to saints, purgatory, respectfully and truthfully engaging with Roman Catholics and orthodox believers, and much more...


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