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4 week class on engaging with Mormons & Jw's

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

What are the four key topics a Christian believer should focus on in a conversation with a Mormon or Jehovah's witness? Below are the top four areas I believe every Christian should be able to respectfully engage with a Mormon or LDS member on:

  1. Defending the eternal deity of Jesus

  2. Defining and Defending the Trinity

  3. Defending the sole authority of Scripture (not the authority of the watchtower, the church or a so-called modern day prophet)

  4. Defining and defending the pure gospel of grace alone in Christ alone.

*Note: One of the key resources we will use for class is this "Bible insert" for talking with JW and LDS missionaries.

Who should come?

  • New and older Christians: This is a beginner course to get believers to engage in fruitful conversations with mormons or Jws. I have other classes that go in-depth on the LDS church and Watchtower societies' beliefs. This class can also be very good for new believers because it covers some of the basics of Christian theology.

  • A Curious Mormon or JW: If someone is currently a part of this group, they are welcome to sit in our class and listen to our perspective.

Special Deal for those in El Paso: for the First 25 to sign up, class is only $10 as Coronado Baptist will cover the rest of your registration fee.

How do I register?

  • Fill out the registration form here

  • Various options to pay:

    • Make checks payable to "Engage Truth Ministries" and bring it to class or mail it to P.O. Box #12523, El Paso, Tx, 79913.

      • Please put in the memo that it's for an Engage class.

    • Pay the teacher here

    • or Bring cash to class.

    • If you need a full scholarship, just note that in the registration form. No one will be turned away for money reasons. Your support helps us as full-time missionaries.

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