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Is the world more loving and welcoming than the Church?

No, the world is not more loving than Christ and His bride.

Lets focus on some key fallacies of so called "pride month" to briefly unpack this fallacious idea.

The Straw man and poisoning the well fallacy:

"We welcome and love all kinds of people here."--- when making pride affirmation statements.

You can take a look at the social media of places like Cracker Barrel, the El Paso Zoo and many other organizations to see examples of this.

What's the implication? Those that don't accept gender confusion, the gnostic view of identity, homosexuality, etc. do not love and welcome people. Thus, progressives build fallacy upon fallacy and end up arguing that in order to be loving you must be affirming. So, people feel like they now need make a public statement to show that they don't hate people (compared to the non-affirming people that allegedly hate people). It's a giant category error and straw man that poisons the well against orthodox Christians and organizations.

They are doing secular apologetics, ( using propaganda and language theft with the words "accepting and "welcoming") and discipleship in their worldview and bullying people into accepting their secular creed under fear of being labeled a "hater of humanity" and possible doxing.

They are directly challenging the ecclesiastical statements from churches that "all are welcome here." Also, it's an equivocation that if you don't affirm homosexuality, then you are NOT welcoming people.

Secular humanism and expressive individualism has created the new false church of "we are more loving than your truth."

It's a blatant lie.

Jesus is opposed to false teaching and sexuality immorality (see Revelation). Churches welcome all people as image bearers of God, but the proper exposition of the Word of God should make sinners uncomfortable in their rebellion to God and should urge them to turn it all over in repentance and trust in Christ alone for forgiveness ( 1 john 1:9). To build your life around your identity in Christ alone and nothing else (2 Corinthians 5:17).

If you give this idea a test drive with other behaviors and identifications, it doesn't work. "You love someone but disagree with____ and don't accept their arbitrary identification with an artificial category outside of simply being a human image bearer of God.

It's a recent social construct that people have demanded others to affirm their identity AS ontologically beyond simply being a human being and now needing Special privileges in a society that undermines the stabilization of the created order and the protection of children (children thrive with both a mom and dad).

In the word of Dr. Andrew Sandlin:

"Human sexuality is not identity. It is a creational norm. It is an ineradicable aspect of the divinely established cosmic operating system. To transform sex into an identity, and to argue that one may choose his (her, its) identity, is nothing short of cosmic insurrection. It is an attempt to overturn the universe."

Interestingly enough, those that are gay affirming also tend to deny humanity (and their right to life) to the unborn and argue for abortion/murder. It's the fruit of their rotten worldview.

Also, no, the body of Christ, the church, doesn't always act Christ-like; however, when it is faithful and uncompromising on the message of his Word, it is the MOST loving.

The world celebrates and welcomes rebellion to God. Encouraging that is the epitome of hate.

Encouraging repentance and trusting and obeying Christ and His Word is the most loving thing anyone can do.


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