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Dino Tracks Tour, Monday, May 29th

Please pay for your group through the link below. It's $10 per person (5 and younger are free). You can pay in person with cash or a check. You can also mail a check to "Engage Truth Ministries" to  P.O. Box #12523, El Paso, Tx 79913.

If you pay online, please consider adding a few extra dollars for the service fee. This helps us support the ministry and grow our team to have multiple creation guides.

Please fill out the waiver and/or send the link to everyone that is attending with your group. Insights askes that it is filled out for all that attend the hike:

Insights DinoTracks Liability and Media Release Waiver Form (

Please make sure to check your email for driving directions to the trailhead and other instructions for the hike. Also, check your email for the lead guide's phone number in case you need extra help finding the trailhead. We encourage everyone to show up at 9 or 9:15am so we start AT 9:30am on the hike. 

Thanks for submitting!

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