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Challenge 1 helpful links (2022-2023)

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Along with leading Engage Truth Ministries, I'm also a Challenge director with Classical Conversations. So, I thought it would be helpful to post several useful documents directly on this page instead of starting another website.

To go directly to the Challenge 1 documents, click here.

to Go directly to the Challenge 1 (west El Paso) key dates, click here.

Why do I direct in Classical Conversations?

Training students in debate, rhetoric, logic, research is a core part of what we do with Engage Truth Ministries and thus this is a perfect overflow in my goal of discipling students in a Biblical worldview.

If you are thinking about being a part of your local Classical Conversations community, I encourage you check out the website,, and set up a meeting with one of directors nearest to you.

***Note to Parents interested in their students joining my Challenge community in West El Paso:

I will be directing Challenge A (7th grade equivalent) in 2023-2024 and will be requiring parents to read at least one of the resources below and be in agreement with the Classical Christian model (see links below). If parents don't understand and embrace the this model, then CC is probably not a good fit for them and it will be hard to understand why "community days" and curriculum is designed the way it is.


(2) The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers (listen here or download to read here)

Also, I encourage current Challenge (Ch) 1 students and parents and potential Challenge A parents next year to read our 2023 Ch 1 orientation, particularly the section on "Rules of Decorum" in the document below.

Challenge one spring semester orientation 2023
Download DOCX • 37KB

Key dates for Spring Challenge 1 (West El Paso)

  • break 1- Feb 8th

  • March 1st (Wed)- Second Protocol Training luncheon

  • break 2- March 15th

  • March 22nd- First round of Team Policy Debate (wk 10)

  • March 29th- Third Protocol Training Luncheon & second round of Debate

  • April 12th- Fourth Protocol Training Luncheon

  • April 19th- (wk 14)- projects that are due this week:

    • Second Individual Event speech

    • Shakespeare project due

    • Research paper

  • Friday, April 21st- Official Protocol event- Café Central and El Paso Symphony Orchestra

  • Sun, April 23rd- End of Year Celebration with all Westside CC community (2-3:30pm at the Yates home

  • April 26th- week 15-Blue Book/final Ch 1 community day.

    • Stock Market report

    • Cost of Living project both due on week 15.

Below are several helpful links and downloads for Challenge 1 for my current (2022-2023) students:

1. Caleb's Challenge Catechism- click here to view

2. Protocol Manual for Westside Challenge 1 (below)

West Protocol Manual
Download DOCX • 744KB

3. Grammar (Latin)

Henle 1 Latin Master Vocabulary Lists Lessons 1 - 42
Download PDF • 525KB

  • Latin Vocab (Henle year one lessons 1-29. This one has good formatting)

Latin Vocab Lessons 1 to 29
Download PDF • 67KB

  • Noun & Verb charts:

Download PDF • 185KB
  • Latin Jeopardy game

latin jeopardy pdf for facebook
Download PDF • 615KB

  • How to make Latin fun (ideas for Directors)

How to make Latin FUN (1)
Download PDF • 107KB

4. Debate

  • Team Policy Debate Judges Form

Policy Debate Judging Form
Download PDF • 139KB
  • Debate Workbook

Debate Workbook
Download DOCX • 67KB

  • Debate Flowchart

debate flow chart -with notes
Download DOCX • 21KB

  • What are you doing during Team Policy debate for each role?

What Are You Doing During Debate
Download PDF • 411KB

  • Help with preparing the Negative Case

Team Policy Debate_Help I Am Negative
Download PDF • 62KB

  • Sample Negative Constructive Outline

First Negative Constructive Outline
Download DOCX • 20KB

  • Rebuttal Preparation Script (*NEW)

Rebuttal Script Preparation
Download PDF • 38KB

  • Cost of Living and Stock Market Rubric

Cost of Living & Stock Market Rubric JG
Download DOCX • 19KB

  • Tips for the Stock Market Project

Tips for the Stock Market Project
Download PDF • 458KB

5. Research

  • Directions to watch the free teaching videos on each of the Apologia Science textbook modules:

1. click on "online learning" on the Apologia Science website and then "video on demand" and then "catalog."

2. Click on to the "Exploring creation physical science section." It should say "free one-year access."

3. watch the videos via your vimeo account.

  • Director SNAP packet

CH I - SNaP Packet - Second Semester - 2022 - Director Use
Download PDF • 2.39MB

  • Research paper help

CH I - Research Paper 02 - Research - Parent Guide
Download PDF • 329KB
  • Another document to help with the research paper

Science Research Paper CH1
Download DOCX • 36KB

Sample research papers: (new)

Sample research paper mla with outline copy
Download PDF • 550KB

Teens and Caffeine by Andrw Crawford
Download ODT • 14KB

How to write an Abstract Document: (new)

How to Write an Abstract
Download PDF • 77KB

Example of an abstract by Dr. Whitmore (new)

Click here to see Dr. Whitmore's abstract on his research on the Coconino Sandstone

6. Logic (Math)- Coming soon

7. Exposition (reading & writing)-

Comparison essay how to (*NEW)

S2W7 Comparison essay how to
Download DOCX • 1.09MB

8. Reasoning- coming soon

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