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Engaging Your City (Basic Series)

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

In order to better equip churches for evangelism, I would like to offer a short training that is a mix of basic training in apologetics, evangelism, talking with unbelievers, and debriefing afterward. In this series, I will be walking your group through how to evangelize using the "Worldview Survey" (detailed in this blog here) and how to follow up with people and move them into discipleship relationships.

This series is ideal for adults, college students, or older teens.

Options for this series:

This could be a one-day event, weekend event, or multi-week training for adults, college students, or teens. I can tailor this training for your group. Outline of Evangelism Training:

1. Defining Evangelism and the role of apologetics

a. Thinking Biblically about evangelism & sharing your testimony.

b. Having a game-plan for every conversation (tactics).

c. Role-playing discussions with an unbeliever.

2. Who is God

a. Defining the Character of God and the case for God's existence.

b. Go do Worldview Surveys at a public setting nearby and debrief afterward.

3. The sinfulness of man

a. Understanding how the world defines the problem of man.

b. Understanding how the Bible defines the core problem of man.

c. The moral argument for God and the gospel.

c. Practice role-playing.

4. The Flood & the Sufficiency of Christ

a. Understanding some of the basic evidence for the global flood.

b.Understanding how Christ is our Ark of Salvation and why Christ alone can pay for our sins.

c. Go do Worldview Surveys and then debrief.

5. The Truth of the Resurrection

a. Learning some basic reasons that we can know that the resurrection is true.

b. Role Playing: Practicing engaging with others about the resurrection.

6. Following up and Discipleship

a. How to keep the conversation going.

b. The importance of prayer & Bible study.

c. Basic Bible interpretation.

d. Defining Discipleship.

e. Go do Worldview Surveys, debrief, and working on following up with people that you talked with earlier in the week or from previous weeks.


Please send me an email or leave a message on our website contact box for more info on scheduling and speaking costs. Please include what topic(s) you would like for me to cover, how many times, and how much time I would have to speak to your group. If you would just like for me to cover only 1-2 of the topics listed above, please include that in your email

I’m willing to work with any church, but an honorarium is appreciated as I do this ministry as a full-time missionary.

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