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Dr. Mark Armitage Las Cruces Tour! (2023)

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

Schedule for week:

  • Click here to see the flier

  • Click here to see the bone lab flier/registration info.

1. Sat, Jan 7th: Dinosaur Track hike in El Paso at Mt. Cristo Rey

  • with Caleb Harrelson (El Paso Creation Network Director)

  • Click here to register for the hike. You will receive an email with driving instructions after you register.

  • Click here to sign the waiver for the hike

2. Sunday, Jan 8th

  • 11am- Bethel Bible Fellowship- "What does a Dead Dinosaur have to do with your future?" with Dr. Mark Armitage

  • 2-4pm- Mandatory Bone lab session for parents and students: at Real Life Church (1040 El Paseo Rd., Las Cruces

  • 5:30pm-6:30pm- NMSU presentation on Dinosaur Soft tissues: "The Soft Side of a Mean Dinosaur."

    • Where? Corbett Center, Senate Gallery, Room 304 (3rd Floor) 5:30-7pm

Bone Lab days in Las Cruces:

*Note: All labs will be hosted at Real Life Church and are for students 10-24 years old. See graphic below for more info.

3. Wednesday, Jan 11th (1st bone lab day)

  • 9am-12pm

  • 12-3pm

  • 3:30-6:30pm

4. Saturday, Jan 14th (2nd bone lab day)

  • 9am-12pm

  • 12-3pm

  • 3:30-6:30pm

    • Scroll below or click here to see the lab registration form and more info. Please email Nicole Mitchell to register for these labs. I (Caleb) am not in charge of these labs.

Full Dr. Armitage Cruces tour flier:

Bone Lab Registration form:

Please send your students information to the email listed below:

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