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Space Conference Volunteer Job descriptions

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

To sign up for our Volunteer roles needed at the "Space and the Bible" conference with Dr. Jason Lisle, click here.

If you are on this page and don't want to volunteer during the conference, but just want to give to the conference fund, click here.

Breakfast help? Consider bringing a box of donuts, fruit or orange juice to the gym around 8am. We are currently expecting around 150-200 people at the conference!

Message to all volunteers:

Thank you for your help to make this a successful conference! We can't do this without you!

Secondly, please meet Saturday Morning at 7:45am for a brief meeting outside the gym.

Thirdly, If possible, all volunteers should be wearing a Yellow Engage Shirt so people can easily find our volunteers. We have several extra ones, just let us know if you need one for this Saturday.

Description of volunteer roles:

Friday Set up:

  • Set up Friday, Nov 10th, from 1-3pm at the Coronado Baptist Gym and Sanctuary foyer.

  • Set up tables for lunch and booths (book table and ministry tables) in the gym and foyer by the sanctuary.

  • Prayer over the weekend together.

Saturday helpers needed

Conference Registration table:

  • Be available at the registration table from 8-9am right in front of the CBC gym

  • Give everyone a program, pencil and Engage Brochure

  • Get them to sign in and receive their lunch ticket if they signed up in time for the free lunch.

  • Help direct everyone to the gym for morning refreshments and to check out the booths.

Outside Hospitality:

  • 4-6 people that will direct people to our registration tables and gym

    • One by the front sanctuary and another by the gym in the back

    • This group should wear one of the Yellow Engage shirts (unless we run out of them).

Gym Hospitality:

  • Morning: Help set up coffee and donuts in the gym

  • Lunch: help with the set up, warming up and organization of the chick fil la meal. Make sure to only give boxes to those that give you a ticket from their pre-registration.

  • Help other booths with any set up needs they may have.

To all booths:

  • Please be present at your table from 8-9am; 10:30am-11am and Lunchtime from 11:30am-1pm

Engage Table workers:

  • Be present at Engage Table from 8-9am; 10:30am-11am and Lunchtime from 11:30am-1pm

  • Be able to give brief explanations of the ministry (worldview Academy, creation tours, Summer camp, etc).

  • Receive donations in money pouch (general donations or for books) or direct people to the Engage website to give website.

  • Books are $10 each.

Biblical Science Institute table (BSI)

  • Be present at BSI table from 8-9am; 10:30am-11am and Lunchtime from 11:30am-1pm

  • Be able to receive training on zoom with Denise (Dr. Lisle’s assistant) before the event)

  • At least one helper needs to be an adult. Other helpers can be 14 or older.

Playground help:

  • Help supervise children on playground during lunch and/or any times needed during Dr. Lisle's session. Children can not be left unattended on the playground. Note that there is no nursery available during the conference.

  • Person must be able to pass a background check if they are not watching their own kids.

  • Must have 2 or more volunteers in this area.


  • Available to help Caleb & Dr. Lisle with any last minute needs during the day.

Post Conference clean up crew

  • Gym: We must have the gym clean and vacated by 4pm.

    • Sweep floors

    • replace trash in bathroom and gym. Liners should be in the closet next to the bathrooms.

    • Wipe and put up tables and chairs

    • Clean up kitchen

  • Sanctuary: Conference ends at 3pm and we need to be out of the sanctuary by 3:30pm for the sat night worship band to start warming up.

    • Go over the sanctuary and pick up any programs left behind and make sure it looks better than before the conference started.

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