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Engage Year in review & Future plans!

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Click here for various ways to partner with Engage Apologetics & the El Paso Creation Network.

Between monthly support and various one-time donations (we spread it out over several months in the budget) we were able to stay full time in 2021 with a basic ministry budget. To meet our future ministry goals, we are increasing our fundraising goal for next year. See below for more or request the full budget breakdown.

*New* Fundraising Budget increase for 2022 brief explanation:

We are raising our fundraising Budget in 2022 for several reasons:

  • Living expenses: Our rent, health insurance and gas prices have increased.

  • Seminary plans: To better serve the ministry and Church, I would like to continue this ministry and work on my MDiv in apologetics and finish in 5 years or less.

  • General operational needs for Engage: This is growing (networking, tech upgrades, website fees, livestreaming service, research books) and I need to be able to have these items covered.

  • Creation Network needs: (As seen above, there is a growing demands for financial resources to met our Creation Network goals. Also, I will be creating a separate banking account for the Creation Network.

With our updated fundraising budget for 2022, we are a little under half of our fundraising goal. We praise God because of your partnership with us in the defense of the gospel (Philippians 1:16)!

Note: feel free to share this whole post or screen shot any of the above graphics to share with others!

in Christ alone,

Caleb Harrelson

Truth, Training, Conversation

Engage Truth YouTube & Podcast host

Engage Apologetics & El Paso Creation Network Director

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