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An Appeal for more ministry partners to continue our work

Kendra and I are once again at the sobering realization that in order to continue Engage in the capacity that we have been, we need to be fully funded. Otherwise, we will need to look at myself (Caleb) getting a third job or another alternative. We have spread out various large one-time donations over the years to stay afloat and in hopes that we would become fully funded via monthly supporters soon; however, we can’t continue on like this without full financial support.

With inflation and a family of 6 it is very difficult to continue what we are doing with less than half of our funding.

We are EXTREMELY grateful to all of our current and past ministry supporters. We can’t do this ministry without our ministry partners. Thank you!

By God’s grace we have started a student apologetics summer camp, started many creation tours around the city (with other guides as well!), organized several Creation conferences, led multiple apologetics and evangelism seminars & outings, and frequently put out apologetics articles and YouTube videos.

We are NOT asking our current donors to increase their giving. Many of you have already done that recently- thank you!

While we have the most amount of monthly supporters we ever have had since Engage started in 2018, we still are under 50% of our monthly support needed.

Our need: We are consistently about $3000 short in our monthly support needed.

What we are requesting:

  • Prayer: Please pray for wisdom on how to move forward next year, God’s provision, prayer for our upcoming Dr. Lisle conference, strength and focus on fulfilling our ministry (2 Timothy 4:5) and walking in dependency on the Lord (John 15:5)

  • More Partner Churches: Please help us connect with Churches that would like to support our work monthly.

  • Individual partners: Even monthly support of $10 a month will help.

  • Share: Please share our content with others so they can see how this ministry can bless and equip them and consider sharing how this ministry has blessed you. Please invite others to attend our fall Creation conference with Dr. Lisle as well (see below).

  • Giving info: Click here for various ways to give to partner with us. The simplest method of giving is mailing a check to our PO Box:

Engage Truth Ministries

P.O. Box #12523

El Paso, Tx 79913

Thank you for your prayerful consideration,

Caleb Harrelson

President of Engage Truth Ministries

Fore more on the Engage Vision, watch the video below:

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