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Engage Worldview Academy

Updated: Mar 22

Registration is now open!

Click here to register.

Click here or here to make a payment or scholarship donation.

Late registration for students is accepted

*Foundation Worldview (8-12 students class) only need a $50 deposit.

First week of classes start in the Spring on Thurs, Jan 4th, 2024 at

520 Thunderbird Drive, 79912

Quick reference:

  • Facilitator for the 8-12 Year old "Foundation Worldview" Class: Jen Parsa & Annette Vanderzwan

  • Click here to register your kids for this class.

  • For more info on the Foundation Worldview Curriculum, click here.

  • Younger students and families are welcome to join us on our Feb 8th Zoo Creation tour with our older students and Spring Break Grand Canyon Trip

Table of Contents:

Basic Overview of the Engage Worldview Academy

What is the Engage Truth Worldview Academy?

The Engage Worldview Academy is an opportunity for students to grow in their understanding of a Biblical worldview, defend the faith in the public square, share the gospel and grow in relationships with the Lord and each other.

Why you should consider the Worldview Academy?

Who is the Academy For?

What will students do at the Worldview Academy?

Engage Worldview Academy Certificate

Mid-Semester Assessment info (for those doing the Certificates)

What are some skills that the Academy will help students develop?

Statement of Faith and handling disagreements

What other classes may be offered in the future?

Big Events connected with our Worldview Academy

Cost per semester or class

Frequently Asked Questions

Academy Schedule & Reading List:

Fall Reading List (2023) for older students

  1. Apologetics Study Bible (Theology & Church History)

  2. Everyone’s a theologian (theology & Church history class)

  3. 40 questions on interpreting the Bible (theology & Church history class)

  4. The Story of Reality   (Basic Apologetics/ Reliability of scripture)

  5. Testimonies to the Truth (Basic Apologetics/ Reliability of scripture)

  6. Creation Basics and Beyond  (Creation/Genesis Defense)

  7. Finding Truth (Worldview Apologetics)

  8. The Popular Handbook on World Religions (Worldview Apologetics)

  9. Saving Leonardo (Worldview Apologetics)

  10. Unraveling Philosophy  (Philosophy)

  11. Tour Guide to Debate  (Debate/Logic)

  12. How to think (Dr. Juan Valdes)  (Debate/Logic)

  13. Tactics  (Debate/Logic)

Spring Reading List (2024)

Reading Guide per semester (Students seeking the "Ambassador Certificate" should read and do this)

Basic Academy Schedule & Location

Fall Full Schedule (2023)

Spring Schedule (2024)


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