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Is the Engage Worldview Academy for you?

Below are a few questions to get you excited about the Academy and some reflection questions on whether the Academy is the right fit for you and your student(s).

Also, if you have not already read it, I encourage you to check out our main page about the Academy, along with our follow up article that gives several reasons why you should consider the Engage Worldview Academy.

Reflection questions on whether or not the Academy is the right fit for you?

  1. Are you you in 7th grade, high school, college or a parent that wants to dive deep into defending the faith and understanding how to faithfully engage our confused culture? Would you like more opportunities to research in creation science and engage our lost world in evangelism?

    1. Note: Parents can attend for free after their student's tuition is paid and/or they have put down a deposit to secure their students place. Tuition amount, however, is the same for multiple students.

  2. Do you have some time available on Thursday in the morning and/or afternoon? As you can probably tell, the schedule is more friendly to those that homeschool; however, there are a few days that public school students can attend in the afternoon or don't have school scheduled.

    1. Also, if you choose to only attend a few classes, then you would pay the "jr. Academy" rate. You can, for example, just show up for our creation class or philosophy and debate class. You will need to attend our worldview training classes if you choose to join us for our evangelism days.

  3. Would you like more training on how to have a fruitful and gracious conversation with someone that has a different worldview than you?

    1. Note: The Academy is taught from a protestant Christian perspective; however, if someone has a different worldview, they are welcome to come and learn and engage in our discussion time.

  4. Would you like to grow in your ability to evaluate the worldviews of various movies, artwork and friends and discuss it rationally in writing and in speech?

  5. Would you like more opportunities to go and share the gospel with muslims, mormons, and unbelievers around our city?

  6. Would you like to grow in your understanding of church history and theology and how you can use that knowledge to strengthen the church today?

  7. Would you like you to dive deep into some of the biggest objections against Christianity and some of the most thoughtful responses to these objections?

  8. Would you like to dive deep in current issues in the creation/evolution debate?

  9. Would you like to participate in several dinosaur soft tissue labs (at least one in the fall and one in the spring), start your own creation science research and interact with several top creation scientists from around the world?

  10. Would you like to learn the lost tools of rhetoric and discover how to use logic, formal debate, and philosophy to impact culture to the Glory of God?

  11. Do you enjoy reading and reflecting on various topics in Christian worldview apologetics and writing about it?

  12. Tuition cost: notice I didn't say anything above about the tuition. Why? If you want to do the academy, we believe you will see the value in it and will fundraise, reach out for help with our scholarship fund to make it work. We have never once turned a student away from any of our programs (camp, labs, tours, etc). because of money. Everyone has been able to participate. Students regularly raise money to go on training with YWAM overseas...why not start locally and get serious training while you are in upper middle school, high school or college and deepen your roots and engage your world and their worldviews right now?

Note: you will get more out of the Academy if you do the weekly reading; however, students are also welcome to just show up to class and take notes during our Academy days. YOU CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL OF ENGAGEMENT.

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