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Camp Fundraising dream list

As many of you know, we are starting a student apologetics summer camp at Aspendale this summer for 9-18 year olds. As of now, we have around 4 churches committed to bringing their students and we hope for more to join us soon. There are various costs involved in starting this camp and any help is appreciated.

Since we are just launching our ministry as a non-profit and don't have the benefit of a church budget, we are trying to pull this camp off at a reasonable price per camper. Lord willing, we hope to build upon the success of camp this year and offer more exciting speakers in apologetics and creation science activities while at camp.

Once we have our non-profit bank account open, I will list the giving options here on this page. In the meantime, you can give via the options listed here.

Below is list of several camp expenses we could use help with:

1. Camp staff expenses help- I would be a huge blessing to have the funds to cover 15-20 staff members cost and/or special speaker cost. It cost around $250 per camp and staff members. So, for 20 staff members that would be $5000.

If we receive enough to cover all of our camp staff or some pay for themselves, then I will just use the extra money for a scholarship fund for any campers that need it.

2. Children ropes course helmets- Aspendale has helmets available for mid-high school students but not for upper elementary kids.

I would love to have around 15-20 helmets. I imagine they cost at least $60-80 each. REI has some options on their website here.

3.. Telescopes and Microscopes:

Eventually we would like to get several telescopes for star gazing and nice microscopes for student to see Dinosaur soft tissue at camp as well! Dr. Armitage has offered to help me get several high quality microscopes for $1500 each.

  • For 4 Compound microscopes: total $6000

  • 2-3 Large Telescopes of an $2000

  • Good Electronic Telescope here

  • If you have a good used telescope you would like to bring to camp, please message me.

I will post more on this page as we have various needs for camp! To look at our current giving options, click here. If you want to want until our nonprofit account is set up, that is fine. too.

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