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Camp Fundraising dream list

Updated: May 18, 2023

As many of you know, we are starting a student apologetics summer camp at Aspendale this summer for 9-18 year olds. There are various costs involved in starting this camp and any help is appreciated.

Since we have just launched our ministry as a non-profit and don't have the benefit of a church budget, we are trying to pull this camp off at a reasonable price per camper. Lord willing, we hope to build upon the success of camp this year and create a robust faith building experience at camp in the coming years.

Below is our "dream list" for expenses we would like to help with:

1. Scholarship fund- It would be a huge blessing to have the funds to cover 10-15 campers and staff members from our scholarship fund. It cost around $250 per camp or staff member. Click here to give for our camp scholarship fund.

2. Telescopes and Microscopes:

Eventually we would like to get several electronic telescopes for star gazing and some more professional microscopes for students to see Dinosaur soft tissue at camp!

  • Telescope: ($2500) You can give directly to our ministry for a Vespera Electronic Telescope by writing a check, Giving online to Engage here, or purchasing the Vespera from their website and having it shipped to us. Eventually we would like to have 2-4 Vespera Telescopes

  • Microscopes ($1300 a piece through Dr. Armitage): We recently just purchased two microscopes and would like to eventually have at least 6-10 for our student labs at camp and our worldview academy (starting fall of 2023).

    1. Check: mail a check to our P.O. Box and make it out to "Engage Truth Ministries." P.O. Box #12523, El Paso, Tx 79913

3. Help with breakfasts:

In order to keep the camp cost down, we asked churches to help bring their own food for 4 breakfasts. It's about a $1000 per 100 people per meal. The camp is providing the rest of the meals (included in camper cost).

Any extra donations we receive beyond our needs for our scholarship fund, will go towards helping with our breakfast costs and other supplies needed at camp.

4. Help with our upcoming take-out Enchilada plate fundraiser. Click here or below to order


I will post more on this page as we have various needs for camp! To look at our current giving options, click here.

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